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Jonathan Brisbin
394 S.E. 1st Lane
Lamar, MO 64759

"Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselvesÖ"
PHL 2:11

Thank you for the opportunity to submit my resume to you. I have a great deal of experience in computer and technical matters, though Iím not an expert in any one area. Web development continues to be the "happy medium" that balances my interests and talents with something that could actually add value to a business.

My interests range from music (I play several instruments) to exploration (I am involved with an expedition that hopes to go to Turkey later this year, with possible involvement in future scientific expeditions).

I have a part-time career as a freelance writer and photographer and I am currently working part-time for our local newspaper. Some of my photographs have also appeared in a book written by a friend of mine.

My artistic bent has served me well by allowing me to branch out from purely technical work (which consumes most of my day), to what little graphic design expression a computer tech is allowed--I designed the layout and navigation for my current employerís web-site ( hosted in Lotus Domino).

I would be happy to answer any questions you have regarding my expertise/experience or any of my numerous side projects I am unfortunate enough to be behind on.



Jonathan Brisbin


Technical Skills:

Programming. Though not an expert in any particular language, I am at least competent (I can successfully complete a task with plenty of example source to pull from) in C, VB, UNIX script, and Java. I consider myself proficient in HTML, JavaScript, and PERL.

I can accomplish most tasks in standard graphics applications (Photoshop, Moray, POV-Ray, and some Macromedia Director) and programming IDEís (Lotus Notes, PowerSoft Java IDE), though my position as Jack-of-all-Trades prohibits me from learning one set of tools to my satisfaction.

Learning new applications and programming languages is my passion and every spare moment is spent in this pursuit. Iím currently bolstering my Linux administration knowledge, while sticking my toe in the pool of OpenSource software with a GTK+ application.

Networking. I have an understanding of TCP/IP, routers, switches, LANs, WANs, and Windows NT. Though my NT administration knowledge is in need of official training. I currently help administer a ~50-node LAN, with two current remote LANs on our WAN. We also host our own web-site and e-mail service in Lotus Domino, so I have gained much valuable knowledge of that incredible groupware application. I am in the process of developing a real-time shipping information web application in Domino that will pull data from our DB/2 database.

Administration. I am currently responsible for a number of projects and ongoing activities. We use mainly Windows 95/98, with a few NT workstations. Most of our production work is done on our AS/400 under the BPCS ERP software. As we host our web-site and e-mail service, I generally am responsible for its administration and implementation of new features.


David Earhart
CIS Dept.
Leggett & Platt, Inc.
1 Leggett Road
Carthage, MO 64836
800.888.4569 x3407

Steven Rawlings
CAD Dept.
1300 E. 12th St.
Lamar, MO 64759

Doug & Nina Beaver
Beaver Lawn Service
20832 Cherry Rd.
Diamond, MO 64840



Practical Skills

Skills learned

Employer/Where learned

Algebra, Chemistry, Biology, Communications, Criminal Justice studies.

Missouri Southern State College

Joplin, MO 64801

Attended 2yrs. Credits transferred.

Imagery Interpretation, Mission Planning, supervision & project management, UNIX (Solaris), computerized database systems, networking, communications.

U.S. Air Force &

Community College of the Air Force

Langley AFB, VA 23665

Associate degree earned.

COBOL, Culprit, MVS

Leggett & Platt, Inc.

FoxPro, OO programming.

Business Advantage

Lamar, MO 64759

Some RPG, Lotus Domino, C, GTK+, Linux, NT, NT & AS/400 administration.

Thorco Industries, Inc.

Lamar, MO 64759


Here are some URLs of two e-zines that I developed, but no longer have time to maintain:

Here is the home page of the OpenSource GTK+ project I authored:

Although I canít, in a resume, cover every relevant piece of training Iíve had, I hope Iíve touched on enough to give you a good feel for my overall work experience. Iíve been lucky enough to be in positions where I can learn the "hot" skills. Sometimes Iíve had to take it upon myself to learn them, while other times Iíve been forced into it. However it comes about, I never cease to be amazed at how much there is to learn! Iíve come to realize that, in the computer world, by the time you can actually say the word "expert", the technology has past you and you arenít anymore. Thatís why Iím always looking for a job experience that will challenge my skills and force me to learn more.

Thank you for your time!

Jonathan L. Brisbin